Specialist Paintwork

Here at John Bee Ltd in Sheffield, we are known across the UK for our bespoke, quality specialist paintwork services. We specialise in all types of vehicles, mainly custom car paintwork, classic car paint restoration and performance car paintwork and repairs.

The reason we have enjoyed continued success for the last 40 years, is mainly due to recommendations. We have never advertised in the classic or luxury car market for our services, yet maintain capacity year after year. This, our happy clients tell us, is due to the fact we take pride in getting 100% perfect results every time.

We are also proud to offer a series of specialist paintwork solutions that are not in the same price bracket as the better known national companies. We have always kept our costs at a reasonable level, looking to make sure we offer a great blend of price and high standards.

Please call or email us through the contact form to book an appointment with the general manager Anton. We are happy to discuss past projects, example prices and email pictures of previous work.