Smart Repair

When you have a minor accident with your car, van or motorcycle, there is now a cheaper way to get a solution. The ‘Smart Repair’ is a type of accident remedy that is quicker and lower in price than a standard repair. It is very popular due to the fact that many people who don’t want to claim on their insurance have to pay for everyday scratches and dents.

The kind of Smart repairs that are available cover things like chips, stone damage, small dents in bodywork and other minor accident damage. The prices are low and the work doesn’t take a lot of time.

If you are worried about the long term condition of the car, this is not always the best solution however, as for certain kinds of damage it will not be the right choice. As the leading smart repair centre in Sheffield, we can advise you of the best way to fix your vehicle- whether it’s a smart repair or something else that is required. Either way, we will present you with options that are good value, and our work is always of a supreme standard.