Car Spray Booth

To complete a professional and quality respray a spray booth is required. This type of booth is enclosed and offers the best environment for ensuring that quality control standards are met, and the spray finish is as good as can possibly be.

A spray booth is normally a concave shape which allows the air to be distributed in a precise way, stopping paint drying incorrectly and evenly distributing the air in the space.

John Bee Ltd has a full car spray booth facility, and has been spraying cars in the Sheffield for over 30 years. Our relentless attention to detail, excellent industry knowledge and our amazing talent of getting the right paint blend [first time!] is second to non in the region.

If you have a car which needs car spray booth services, either come down to see us at the spray booth centre in Sheffield (Abbeydale Road), or call for advice and information about what is best for you.