Car Paintwork Repairs

Over time there are many factors that can affect the quality and look of paintwork on a car. Repitition of cleaning and polishing, a build up of scratches, fading on the bonnet and spreading rust are all common problems.

Here at John Bee Ltd in Sheffield, we provide the general public and trade with low cost, high quality paintwork solutions. Our staff are trained to finish paint repairs to a sandard that will last- and we guarantee this quality.

We offer a ‘no quibble’ policy when it comes to customer satisfaction. Any customer who is not 100% happy with the finish of the paint work repairs will get a free resolution if we are at fault. We are happy to offer this knowing the quality of our car paintwork, and past history of success on a daily basis.

Come to see us at out paintwork repair centre and we will be happy to provide a no obligation, on the spot quotation for paintwork repairs.