Subaru Repairs Sheffield

A Japanese company, Subaru has a rich tradition of producing robust motor cars and great rally competitors. They are famous for their World rally exploits, their boxer layout engines and the use of four wheel drive in many of their vehicles.

Besides the Forrester and Legacy family cars, Subaru are really most known for their Impreza model, which has been in production for many decades now. This car has a wide range of appeal, as a solid but basic family estate or hatchback, and as a potent 4 wheel drive road rally car.

The Impreza and Impreza WRX are known for the amount of different models that have been launched over the years, including the differing specification of the engines and bodywork.

Before of the high performance element to the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, there are many models which have come to harm over the years. Having a crash in a Subaru can be a costly affair. They are a Japanese brand and not mass produced like a Ford and Vauxhall, so accident repairs and chassis work / paintwork is expensive.

John Bee have many years experience repairing, respraying and dent removing for Subaru’s, and offer a great value alternative to a main Subaru dealership in Sheffield.