Peugeot Repairs Sheffield

This French car maker offers 9 current different models of cars, and there are plenty of previous models which continue to be great cars for so many people. The current line-up includes something for everyone, from the small and compact 107 and 207, to the family hatch 308. The 407 is a larger family executive Peugeot, and there are two people carriers in the 4007 and 5008.

Past favourites are the legendary 205 and 309, the 406 which proved popular for families, and the 206 which was the best selling car in Peugeot’s long history.

Because these cars are at the budget end of most of the car sectors, accident damage can be easily magnified by just a simple crash. The older models have panels which are expensive to repair, as French cars usually are, and fixing bumper dents and panel scratches are again costly if fixed at a main Sheffield Peugeot dealer.

We can fix any type of Peugeot damage including respraying, scratch removal, rust repairs and dent suction. As a local favourite we have a superb track record of fixing cars to like new and charging much less than any local dealers such as Robins and Day and Hartwell.