Car Body Shop in Sheffield

Here at John Bee Service Centre, we have over 80 years experience running one of the most trusted car body shops in Sheffield. We provide every kind of bodywork for cars, vans and motorcycles. From crash damage or mechanical failure to simple paintwork repairs, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality car body shop services in Sheffield. 

No matter which area of your car needs work, our body shop has the facilities to handle it. Whether it’s a bumper or a wing mirror, or even larger panelling, we can repair dents, scrapes, scratches and major damage with efficiency, saving you money on labour costs as we go.

High Quality Services

Any kind of body work will affect the value of your car when you come to sell it. However, we always ensure that our body shop services are of the highest quality so you don’t lose out on money in the future. Our technicians have extensive knowledge on the best techniques for every kind of bodywork, so a high quality service is always guaranteed at John Bee Ltd. 

We provide free quotes for your work with no obligations. We our proud of our reputation as one of the best body shop service providers in Sheffield, thanks to our friendly customer service and excellent services. Come and see us in Sheffield, or get in touch with our team to learn how we can help you.

Our Body Shop

Crash damage, paintwork & other bodywork services.