Top 5 Crazy Car Paint Jobs

There was a time when car bodywork wasn’t about uniformity –or excess.


Worried about your car’s bodywork? Not as much as some of the owners of these cars! Today bright, exotic custom paint jobs are the preserve of the super-rich, a throwaway expense. Often running into the tens of thousands of pounds, this garish exhibitionism shows you couldn’t care less about resale, or possibly the opinions of your fellow road users- for whom bodywork is a decidedly more monochrome palette. But exotic colours, custom blends and space-age light reflection technology weren’t always the key to creating a beautiful car. The story of car bodywork is as old as the car itself, and about as varied.

People have always wanted to give their cars a personal touch- yet it’s not always been as simple as supply and demand. Like today, the colours have been determined by the car designers, unless customers are prepared to go their own way- which has led to some incredible designs! From the hot rods of the 50’s to the myth of the model T in ‘any colour they want, as long as it’s black’ (in fact the original model T was available in a range of colours, before the black-only rule came in- it was the only paint that would dry fast enough to keep up with Ford’s modernised production) to the VW ‘1 litre’ car that goes unpainted to save weight, the course of modern car production is interwoven with the bodywork they carried.

Having your car re-sprayed, or in fact just choosing its initial colour is, for some, of equal importance to naming your child. Nonetheless, some people still manage to get this wrong, or at least go a little further than most of us might do… That isn’t to say some of these below aren’t still pretty cool, take a look:

 Lamborghini Aventador – BAPE

For fans of the A Bathing Ape brand, this particular idea would be amazing. The Lamborghini in question sported the brands classic blue camouflage, making it look quite menacing actually.

John Lennon’s Rolls Royce


Even through it generally takes seven days to paint a Rolls Royce, this wasn’t enough for John Lennon, he went quite a step further. As a fan of Indian culture he successfully channelled the popular paisley design all over his Rolls Royce, topping of an already loud base-layer of yellow.

Mario Balotelli’s Buggati Veyron

We all know Balotelli just as much for his exploits off the pitch. Amongst many outrageous episodes Balotelli saw it fit to have his rapid Bugatti painted in a fetching camouflage. The camo colour way in question was made up of colours such as burgundy and beige, a rather understated pallet for such a bold choice.

Mini Clubman – Agent Provocateur

Minis are known for being straight forward and simple, the same can’t be said for this particular model. Agent Provocateur spiced this Clubman up with a little branding influenced by their range…

Chris Evans’ Ferraris

This one is a little bit of a dark horse in terms of being ‘crazy’ but we feel it deserves a place nonetheless. Many know how much Evans loves cars, in particular Ferrari’s. As well as this, most people know that the classic co0lour for a Ferrari is red and choosing anything different is daring. After much deliberating Evans chose to opt for white, and the results were impressive. However he had to leave hi California model as it’s probably too expensive to even touch!


Remember: whether you’re sporting a custom paint job like these, or just plain old manufacturer standard, John Bee are experts at the kind of professional, clean, efficient job you expect on your car’s bodywork. Contact us today to find out more about the services we can offer you.