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  • Welcome to John Bee Ltd

    Welcome to John Bee Ltd

    Professional Car Repairs

    As one of Sheffield’s best independent garages we can provide competitive quotations for any kind of work you need, no matter how big or small.

  • Latest Repair Facilities

    Latest Repair Facilities

    We repair all cars to an immaculate standard

    As a leading body shop centre in Sheffield our services include all kinds of mainstream repair, including bumpers, wings, paintwork and more.

  • Whatever the vehicle

    Whatever the vehicle

    John Bee Ltd will repair and restore it professionally

  • Contact US

    Contact US

    Free estimates available

    You don’t need an appointment and we offer a collection and delivery service at no extra cost.

Who We Are

John Bee Body Repair Centre is a family business that has been in the motor repair industry since the mid 1930’s. We are a local, friendly and trustworthy repair centre – we will take care of you and your vehicle unlike some bigger companies.

What We Do

With 80 years of experience with all kinds of vehicles, we are widely recognised as the best value car body shop in Sheffield and we are known by our dealers for our extensive attention to detail.

Why Choose Us

We offer quality repairs at affordable prices. We can handle any kind of repair, from minor repairs to full re-sprays and body panel work. We use the latest repair procedures to give you the best repair at the best price.

Trusted by over 20,000 of Yorkshire's motorists!

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Good Honest Service

As one of Sheffield’s best independent garages we can provide competitive quotations for any kind of work you need, no matter how big or small. If your budget won’t allow for a full repair, we offer a paintless dent removal service at a lower price. If you have a minor accident that isn’t your fault, there’s no need to involve the insurance company and risk your premiums being pushed up unnecessarily, let us fix the problem for you. When quoting, we will talk you through your choices for repair work so you can decide upon which option is best for you and your vehicle.

Many of our customers come to us with crash damage, and it is important to remember that insurers try and force you to use their preferred contractor but, as the motorist, it is your right to use whatever repair centre you want. Don’t be fooled by your insurance company!

We Care about Quality

Once we have repaired the damage, we use our second to none colour matching service which uses paint from all the top manufacturers, allowing us to blend the perfect colour to perfection. We use the latest waterborne paint technology from America to make all of our repair procedures compliant to Environment Protection Agency standards.

Over the past 80 years we have had to adapt to the evolution of the vehicle, this has given our technicians a broad knowledge of vehicles as we have repaired most of them at one time or another. Our friendly staff complete all repairs to the highest standard to provide a quality service that is hard to match.

Whether you require car scratch repair in Sheffield or more major body work John Bee is the best place to go!

We provide free estimates available without an appointment and we offer a collection and delivery service at no extra cost, just come down and talk to us about how we can help you.

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Why we should be your first choice for car repair in Sheffield

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